• ThumbnailHave we not learned from the The HatfieldMcCoy feud (1863–1891)?

    Tit for tat only means more fighting. If after ISIS killed reporter American journalist James Foley the US didn’t start bombing the crap out of […]

  • 50-100 or more years ago, we dummies needed someone to make decisions for us. We weren’t aware of most the things that our government were doing. And to get an answer from us was near impossible. We have an […]

  • I think there should be national salary caps. Capitalism is busy knocking on deaths door as it is. We all know about the top 1%. Then the top 1% of them. I’d like to see some sort of cap on what someone can make, or what they can be worth. Don’t fear, that number is pretty damn big. Maybe 5 or 10 millon a year, and a max net worth of somewhere…[Read more]

  • We all know think income tax sucks. Not only does paying this tax suck, it’s a pain in the ass to figure out. Maybe if you have a great accountant it’s easy. But at the point where you can afford that accountant, […]

  • roin tristique elit et augue varius pellentesque. Donec enim neque, vulputate et commodo in, tristique sed velit. Phasellus adipiscing faucibus felis eget hendrerit. Vestibulum aliquet mauris sed felis convallis, […]

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